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Chris Sowton - 10 Key Strategies for Teaching in Challenging Circumstances
Even before the COVID pandemic, huge educational inequality was evident across the world. Whilst the data show that there were more students physically ‘in school’ than ever before, millions of them faced difficulties in terms of access, equity, inclusion and quality. Following the pandemic, the gap between the educational ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’ has only increased, and urgent action is required to change the narrative. Teachers are at the centre of this narrative, as key workers in the battle against political, social and economic inequality. This webinar will share ten practical tips for immediate use by teachers and educational managers who are working in challenging circumstances, wherever in the world they are and however they define ‘challenging’. These tips will focus on creating a safe and inclusive environment for language learning, teaching large classes, empowering learners, using textbooks effectively, linking the school to the outside world, and supporting yourself and others.

Apr 15, 2021 12:00 PM in London

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Chris Sowton
Chris Sowton has been working in the field of English Language Teaching for 25 years. He has worked for a range of institutions, including the British Council, Cambridge University Press, and the University of London. He has written extensively in the field, as author or co-author on more than 20 ELT books, including the recently published Teaching in Challenging Circumstances. He has conducted teacher training and educational research in many countries, including Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Nigeria, Nepal, India, Somaliland and Indonesia. He has an MA, a DELTA and is currently pursuing a doctorate at the University of Bath, focusing on language-in-education policy in South Sudan. Further information can be found at www.chrissowton.com.